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Exclusive interview VADIYAN film director Rajan Priyadarshi!

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Rajan Priyadarshi, seeing the longest Struggling Life, gave credit to your hard work and God for your success and said that many people supported him in the journey of making the “ VADIYAN “, while some people left with him too! The most painful thing in his life was when he was working hard as a film career as his life.  The news came to his mother’s heart attack, but Rajan was the first album of ‘Pardesi Veg Mein’, who was directing by him, he did not go home after when the show was over, Dhawal Patel, who was an actor, would get Rs 2500 / – At the time, he had no money till he went to Ahmedabad, and he went to his elder brother, from where he went to hospital, and talked to his mother for a moment, after two days, she died.
Despite being from the poor family, due to the constant encouragement of his mother and the support of his wife every moment and the encouragement of elder brothers and sisters and sisters, they crossed the 17-year-long struggle in their career and directed a good film VADIYAN!

Sometimes in films, Rajan had to work in a side dancer, he did not hesitate to get all the work related to the film from his hard work, since childhood there was a lot of love for movies!

Today, Rajan Priyadarshi is very happy that today his biggest dream came true and the film made in his directorial “ VADIYAN ” is going to be released all over India on September 15, 2017!  Distributor Dhananjay Galani of Lavlin films who’s marketing and distributing this movie VADIYAN.

Rajan Priyadarshi

Rajan Priyadarshi

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