Jagriti Singh Rajput who has recently been shot in an international web series – ‘Next of Kin 2018’ which is a family thriller . It’s a six part series written by Paul Rutman and Natasha Narayan. Archie Punjabi and Jack davenport will star on large screen .
Jagriti is working as a character named Noor. Noor is from Pakistan . She works with Dr. Karim as a nurse. Dr. Karim had adopted Noor in her childhood . Noor had helped Mona to save her nephew and her family. Noor works as a nurse with Mona Shirani who works for a medical charity overseas and lives a charmed life at the heart of a loving family living in London. But she is left grief start when her much loved brother is brutally murdered while working for a medical charity overseas. As the death bring buried family secrets to light; Mona is drawn deep into a tangle of betrayal conspiracy and murder. So, by any how, she must find a way of protecting herself, her family and her career as they are all put at risk.
Here is how the story begins .

Speaking to us , Jagriti expressed her excitement, It is just as following her dream and this kind of appreciation is certainly an inspiration for her , she added . She said that she is sure about reaching up to her dream by working hard and reach to the heights .
Jagriti , you deserved it ! Congratulations and we are looking forward to see you more on the screen .