Bollywood Superstar Athiya Shetty

Bollywood Superstar Athiya Shetty

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Athiya Shetty, is not just stylish but she is also simple, genuine, quiet, affectionate and sensitive. And while she is mature and confident, she is also completely mad and stressed out, but prefers to not show her emotions until she knows the person completely. Ahead of her debut film Hero being directed by Nikhil Advani. She candid with Dailybhaskar and talks about being accepted in Bollywood and her desire.

Q. What was your first reaction to this film?

I couldn’t believe till a week. I was in shock that Salman Khan wants to make a film with me being a heroine in it and Nikhil Advani wants to direct it. It’s still hitting me the process I feel blessed. I have always wanted to become an actor. Ever since I was 3 I used to dance on ek do teen song in front of the mirror. I would do like Kajol’s imitation. I have never been on sets. I told my father about acting when I completed my 12th.He was extremely supportive.

Q. How was your meeting with Salman Khan regarding the film?
He is such a larger than life persona. I have had so much interaction with him so now I am like normal.
Q. What are your expectations?
I am nervous on the terms of acceptance. I just want to be accepted as a newcomer.
Q.How is Sooraj as a co star?
Working with Sooraj was amazing. I couldn’t have got a better co star to do a début. He is extremely selfless, constantly helping others before helping himself, he is such an amazing human being, sometimes I tell Sooraj be mean sometimes, you don’t have to be so nice to everyone, he so lovable, he is my best friend now.
Q. There was a no dating clause between you and Sooraj?
I don’t know where this come from. I haven’t signed any such clause, that doesn’t exist.
Q. Have you seen the original Hero?
Of course I have seen when I was very young. I am listened to the music, I love Lambhi Judai, the director was amazing, and Meenakshi ji was extra ordinary. Jackie sir became a hero after this, you can’t compare us. I can’t be compared with Meenakshi, she is a legend actress and I am still learning and I was well aware of the film.
Q. Lots of people are comparing you with Sonam Kapoor what’s your take on it?
There can only be one Sonam Kapoor, I am so glad you asked it because I actually wanted to voice my opinion on this. I think she is a beautiful actress. She is one of the most elegant and classy actress she is the one who has bought fashion in the industry. It’s extremely flattering to here that.
Q.Which actor you would like to work with?
Ranveer Singh is my favourite right now. I really love him and I have said that in almost all my interview and he will think I am obsessed of him, he has his energy about him, he is so passionate about his work and he is doing such different roles that really roles such an amazing actor he is. I would definitely love to work want to work with his because I think that will help me growing. I loved him in Band Baaja Baarat and Dil Dhadakne Do.

Athiya Shetty

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